Jan. 22, 2014

The tastier side of Hamilton

I love food. Give me a dish from any culture and I will try it at least once. It's very rare I find a dish that I dislike in its entirety. Given the opportunity to travel to many countries all of over the world including many parts of Europe and Asian, I've experienced a lot of diverse and strange meals so far in my life.

I have lived in Hamilton, Ontario for just over three years now and I must admit I have grown to love this city. Unfortunately it wasn't 
until a co-worker of mine moved to Hamilton that it became apparent I haven't even remotely began to experience what this city has to offer in regards to dining out. When he began asking me where the best places to eat around my area where, that's when it hit me. All of these years I'd been running off to Toronto to meet with friends every weekend not taking the time to experience my very own backyard. 

I've decided that for 2014 I am going to make an effort to find a couple new places every month too dine at and rate right here on my blog.

Below is a general rating systems I will be using to critique the various places I end up at.

Food and Presentation: (1-5 stars) 
Ambiance and Decor: (1-5 stars)
Quality of Service: (1-5 stars)
Best Suited For: (List to choose from)
Kid Friendly? (Yes/No)Vegetarian Friendly? (Yes/No) 
Overall Product Rating: (1-5 stars)
Recommend to a friend? (Yes/No) 

In additional to these areas, any fun or entertaining stories will added as well.

Let the adventures begin!

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